​I am running for District 55 because I am tired of seeing working people and the middle class left behind. As a moderate, I am not interested in the culture war or promoting a radical agenda. Rather, I am interested in common sense solutions that benefit everyday people.

-Damon J. Davis


State wide, the cost of a new home went up 32.5% since 2019. In Mesa County, the cost of a home is up 25%. In some nearby counties like Delta and Montrose, it is up even more.  The median home price in Mesa County is almost $400,000, far more than most families can afford. We need to address affordable housing by building affordable starter homes families can afford.  This starts with removing zoning and regulatory hurdles to affordable housing, including higher density housing like condos and townhomes. It also means removing the ability of NIMBYs to prevent affordable housing. And, if necessary, the state should fund the building of starter home communities, recouping the money when the homes are sold.


The success of this campaign depends on the support from community members like you.