​I am running for District 55 because I am tired of seeing working people and the middle class left behind. As a moderate, I am not interested in the culture war or promoting a radical agenda. Rather, I am interested in common sense solutions that benefit everyday people.

-Damon J. Davis

Workers' Rights

I support strong worker protections and strong unions that benefit working and middle class Coloradans.  There is a growing unionization movement in America, and it should be fostered and encouraged.  According to the Economic Policy Institute, when union membership was at its height from the end of World War II through the 1970s, income inequality between the wealthiest and poorest was at its lowest.  And since the 1970s, real wage growth has slowed tremendously, but unequally, with low- and middle-income earners experiencing the least growth.  Unions have the power to rectify this situation by empowering working people.  Beyond unions, we need to ensure all workers know their rights and have the opportunity to enforce them, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion, and regardless of what language they read and write.  Everyone who puts in an honest day’s work deserves respect and to receive the pay and benefits they were promised by their employer.


The success of this campaign depends on the support from community members like you.