​I am running for District 55 because I am tired of seeing working people and the middle class left behind. As a moderate, I am not interested in the culture war or promoting a radical agenda. Rather, I am interested in common sense solutions that benefit everyday people.

-Damon J. Davis

2nd Amendment

As a proud gun owner and concealed carry permit holder, I believe in the Second Amendment and the individual right to keep and bear arms.  I also believe in gun safety and responsible gun ownership.  While most gun owners are responsible, unfortunately there are those among us who act irresponsibly or criminally.  For this reason, we need modest gun regulations to keep firearms away from felons and others who should not possess them, and to compel the irresponsible to act responsibly.  I generally support Colorado’s current gun laws, which are adequate to meet these needs. However, I generally do not support the adoption of any further gun laws in Colorado, and oppose such stringent measures as assault rifle bans, waiting periods, or limits on the number firearms purchased.


The success of this campaign depends on the support from community members like you.