​I am running for District 55 because I am tired of seeing working people and the middle class left behind. As a moderate, I am not interested in the culture war or promoting a radical agenda. Rather, I am interested in common sense solutions that benefit everyday people.

-Damon J. Davis

Criminal Justice Reform

I support fully funding our law enforcement agencies and ensuring our officers have top notch equipment and training.  We should also improve recruitment by making police academy training more accessible, such as through tuition reimbursement or loan forgiveness programs.  I especially support recruiting minority officers, as a diverse perspective will improve law enforcement’s interactions with the diverse communities they serve.

While I support law enforcement, I also support criminal justice reform.  America is perhaps the most incarcerated nation in the world, by some measures exceeding China.  If you are more incarcerated than a communist dictatorship, something is wrong.  The recidivism rates are as high as 70%, with as many as 45% of released prisoners returning in three years.  Simply putting people in prison doesn’t work. We need social programs that help steer our young people away from crime. And we need programs in prisons that help prisoners learn life and works skills so they have something to turn to when they get out.  Not only is this good policy from a human perspective, but also from a fiscal perspective.  According to the Rand Institute, for every $1 spent on prison education, $4-$5 is saved in incarceration costs down the road by reducing recidivism.


The success of this campaign depends on the support from community members like you.