​I am running for District 55 because I am tired of seeing working people and the middle class left behind. As a moderate, I am not interested in the culture war or promoting a radical agenda. Rather, I am interested in common sense solutions that benefit everyday people.

-Damon J. Davis


Undoubtedly, higher education is a path to higher earnings.  And it produces a more productive workforce.  However, higher education is becoming unaffordable for many and has created a debt crisis for others.  College tuition has increased much faster than inflation.  And Colorado is near the bottom in spending on state colleges, resulting in a higher tuition burden.  In the meantime, New Mexico, another Western State, has developed a program for free college for most students.  While I do not support completely free college, we need to decrease in-state tuition for Colorado residents.  If New Mexico can provide free tuition, we can provide inexpensive tuition.  Additionally, we should recognize that college is not the right answer for everyone.  Trade and vocational schools are great options for many, and can lead to well paying and fulfilling careers.  While we decrease college tuition, we should also increase access to trade and vocation schools and encourage our school districts to promote these opportunities to those students who might not find college a good fit.


The success of this campaign depends on the support from community members like you.